Production Hire in the Corporate World: The Future is Now

April 29, 2021 - Audio
Corporate Production Hire

The rise of the virtual workplace is changing the way we work. The ability to collaborate with teams in remote locations without needing an office space has allowed for innovation and flexibility that would have been impossible before. In this new environment, corporate production hire becomes more crucial than ever as companies can’t rely on local resources anymore. We live in a time where technology has become such a big part of our lives, but it’s also an obstacle to how we live and do business today. You need production equipment for your next corporate event, but you are not sure where to begin – if this sounds like you, we think you are in the right place.

Why hiring your production and audio equipment is the only way forward.

Today, business growth is all about adapting to change. Adapting to the knowledge that our personal and professional lives have changed, and we have to move with the times. The world we live in today is vastly different from even just ten years ago, but it’s also a little less scary if you know how to work with it. Hiring your production and audio equipment for your team allows for adaptability – no matter what may come up, you can prepare to deal with all challenges alongside your production hire team.

Besides flexibility for your business, hiring your production equipment means that you can reduce or increase your package depending on the type and size of the hosting event. You will work alongside a technical savvy and knowledgeable team who will provide practical solutions to challenges that may arise.

In a corporate world that recent events have shaken, all businesses are looking for cost-effective solutions to their budgets and hiring your production equipment can help with this. Hiring the equipment when you require it boasts cost benefits of not requiring storage and leaving you with peace of mind that you have quality equipment from a trusted provider who will work with you to make your event a success.

Purchasing equipment for an event can be incredibly costly. After confirming the list of equipment you will need, you will often find that the equipment purchase alone is more expensive than the rest of the event! That is why equipment for hire from a reputable company will always be more cost-effective than purchasing outright.

Working the room – hire the right equipment to reach your audience

Your event’s visual and audio elements are the most crucial aspects for a successful event, yet the one that usually goes unthought about is microphone hire. Choosing a company with a comprehensive stock range that is ever updating and upgrading will be sure to give you the best quality equipment for your event. 

You will not need the same equipment for a large conference package as you will require for an entertainment package, so it’s important to know what audio equipment you are looking for. Microphone hire and lighting hire are often the two elements considered last for an event; however, they are two of the essential parts. Ensuring you can see your audience, and in turn, they can see you without being blinding, is quite often the part of the event that lets people down. Similarly, your event may be a sell-out for your company, with all employees and stakeholders attending, but if they cannot hear you clearly, it would be a waste of your time. Having the option of a range of microphones all displaying high quality for various events will enable you to choose the best for your successful occasion.  

Consider your visual equipment alongside your priority list – having a range of interactive equipment will keep your audience engaged and excited. Production hire can include screen hire,  SFX equipment that will dazzle your audience even if they are right at the back and video production that will engage and excite anyone joining the event that will leave them discussing it for a long time after. 

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Choosing the right Corporate Production Hire company to reach your full potential

Every event requires a perfectly planned production. No event or presentation can function well without the proper selection of talent and supplies. Therefore, when considering a corporate production hire company, you’re looking at the goods and services they provide. Who are the top producers that are worth considering? What services is each one providing? Where does each company excel, and how might they add value to your event? 

The success of your event depends mainly on the quality of production hire you choose. As a consumer or event organiser, you cannot fully gauge the value of production hire until after it has delivery has taken place. Hiring a company whose skills and facilities you trust to provide essential sector-specific tasks at your proposed location will attract a high-quality, high-cost event. Still, if these same companies are unable or unwilling to deliver better quality or efficient event elsewhere – then your procurement decision can lead to waste and frustration.

Many factors go into choosing a corporate production hire company. These include your budget, event description, event organiser role, length and complexity, type of event, equipment skills required, challenges faced on-site, benefits and mission statement. Also, in the hiring process, the contractor should meet with your team to ensure that they are meeting the event’s requirements and any other pre-event deadlines.

Energy Production Hire will take your events to the next level.

Energy Production Hire is willing to take you beyond your expectations; we are a team full of experienced employees providing quality equipment with a wide range of services we can provide. Energy Production hire supports various businesses for many different events, including hire production concerts, conference, sports activities and other live events, whether it is public or private. We work hard to ensure that you get the highest quality service at all times. You can be confident that we can give you what you need.

Our skilled team have all the relevant experience needed to take your event to the next level. Energy Production has a strong brand identity within the production hire industry. We only use the highest quality production equipment, enabling you to produce a successful event, whether for corporate clients or your employees. 

For all your production hire requests, get in touch with us today to help you organise your occasion and reach everyone (including those at the back!)

Energy Production Hire

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