Noise management

January 26, 2021 - Audio
Noise management

With some festival sites located in built-up areas, corporate events taking place in hotels with sleeping guests and other local requirements regarding amplified music, it’s important noise is managed properly. We always aim to manage the expectations of our clients and most importantly abide by the licensing and contractual side of their obligations.

To ensure events run as smoothly as possible, we have a number of tools at our disposal for deployment pre- and post-event. From system design to mitigate any potential issue before it arises, array processing on-site through to physical noise management solutions with full accountability, you can rest assured no matter where your event takes place, we’ll manage any potential noise issues.

It is often a requirement for events to have someone on-site managing, logging and reporting noise levels especially at sensitive premises. If this is a requirement, we can deploy teams to manage readings, reports and communications to ensure all obligations are met.

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