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June 30, 2021 - Audio
Touring Solutions

Touring is an essential part of the entertainment business. The better you perform live, the more fans you gain and the more money you make. Therefore, when you have a comprehensive tour set lined up, all the finer details must get secured on time for your tour to run as smoothly as possible. For this reason, a touring production package is essential for anyone who does regular large tours, whether in the UK or abroad. It’s best to find reliable production hire services to take care of all your production needs.

Hiring a production company to give you peace of mind 

Touring is a significant business. Individuals want to see and hear you perform and enjoy that experience immensely, so you must arrange these events to give the best encounters and meet the expectations of your visits. 

Suppose you have chosen to enlist the support of several companies to complete set up, supply materials and equipment and install sound and lighting. In that case, you may find that you need to project manage the event planning more closely than you had planned to or have time for. Failure to do so may result in a lack of communication and organisation and may leave you with faulty equipment, lack of support, mess, and crew not arriving before the event date. 

For these reasons and many others, those who are planning tours or events have enlisted the support and expertise of a production company like Energy Production Hire. We deliver extraordinary events worldwide due to our industry-standard equipment, industry knowledge and infrastructure capabilities.

Our Production Managers head up all aspects of the project on your behalf, to your tour specification. In addition, the creative team at Energy can support you from concept to completion using test suites and pre-visualisation graphics. 

For technical production, organisation skills and equipment availability, hiring a production company to support you with your event is a fail-safe way of ensuring that your event is a complete success and your visitors come back for more. 

The benefits of using a production hire company 

Tour planning can be a stressful experience, so why try and do it all? Many large businesses who require a touring solution utilise the services of a production hire company so they can be confident that all equipment and technical support can be catered to throughout the touring window. We believe the following our benefits to using  a production hire company like us: 

  • Bespoke packages tailored to your touring requirements for brands, musicians and artists
  • A dedicated kit stock already inhouse and ready to be utilised 
  • Tour Projects teams offering years of knowledge and expertise 
  • Cost-effective and time effective compared to managing it internally
  • A less stressful experience for the client
  • Quality industry-standard equipment
  • Regulation, Health and Safety and compliance support
  • Ethical sourcing and environmental considerations

A production hire company that ensures your tour is a complete success

When sourcing a production company that will suit your needs and deliver on the services they can offer, it’s essential to look at previous works they have completed. Not only will this show what they have worked on and who they have worked with, but you will be able to ascertain the size of the events and tours they support. Also, read the feedback and testimonials from clients to gain an insight on the support they have received and whether the client thinks they did a good job! 

Services your production hire company can support with: 

Energy Production Hire has a wealth of experience within the events industry. Their industry-standard equipment, coupled with their knowledge and highly skilled team of experts, means that you will be guaranteed high-quality service delivery and support when you employ their services concept to completion.

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Bespoke Touring Solutions 

Energy Production Hire offers a complete touring solution for you 

Energy Production Hire is a trusted Production company with a wealth of experience in providing equipment and technical support to the UK and worldwide tours and events. We have supported rock and roll, contemporary dance and live theatre, to name but a few. 

Energy Production Hire can support you with arena audio, large-scale lighting and video wall systems, custom stage and sets, full riser support, backline management and our in-house trucking – we have dedicated stocks of kit focused on the tour life with packs ready to go for trucking and container touring.

If you are looking for the support of an expert production hire company that has experience with large events such as Silverstone, Download and Reading Festival, Event Production Hire are the right solution for you. Contact the Energy Team today to take your event to the next level.


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