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If it's crystal clear hi-fidelity sound that you require for your event then you must be looking for Funktion-One equipment!

Energy Production Hire specialise in planning, supplying and installing this industry favourite brand in nightclubs and bars, and at festivals, public events and conferences. Short term or long term hire options are available across the UK, and our experienced team will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote that refelcts your requirement.

Energy Production Hire offer excellent value for money and our experience, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm are what makes us on of the most respected and trusted sound equipment hire companies in the UK.


Funktion-One sound equipment sets the standard for sound quality in the world today. From theatres and stadium concerts, to Hong Kong chill-out bars, wherever the best quality sound is required you will find Funktion-One equipment.

Funktion-One have been consistent innovators in audio design, concert touring and sound installation for over 30 years, and they represent an unsurpassed pool of experience and expertise in the audio industry. Their designs focus on maximising efficiency (conversion of amplifier power into acoustic energy) which tends to produce alive and responsive sound. It also means that less electrical power is required for a given acoustic output making their systems more energy efficient compared to alternatives.

Funktion-One also pioneered the Ambisonic Surround Sound System for large-scale events. This emerging technology has been used by the Chemical Brothers, Glastonbury Festival, London's Millennium Dome central show and more recently at The Glade Festival.

You can read more about Funktion-One on their website

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Energy Production Hire have been installing Funktion-One equipment across the UK for many years. If you're think you have a requirement for Funktion-One equipment for an event or venue, please contact us in the first instance to get the very best service and advice.

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Energy Production Hire lead the way in high quality sound installations in the UK. We have extensive experience and specialise in the maket leading Funktion-One product line.

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